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Prona Bars Limited is a privately owned company in Nairobi

founded in 2019. Our commitment and purpose are to revolutionize breakfast and snacking habits. We introduce customers to products made from gluten-free and natural ingredients consisting of organic food supplements such as nuts, seeds, whole grain oats, fruits full of fibre and minerals. Healthy living drives our production quality defining the focus on providing nutritious food to exceed consumer expectations across local and international markets.

Our mission is to promote consumption of quality and healthy snacks through the variety of breakfast cereals to the Kenyan market. Our vision remains to be the leading distributor of granola-based products in Kenya. Honesty and integrity are the foundation of our business code of ethics to deliver value for consumers at affordable pricing.

We have developed a brand of granola cereals and snack bars to provide a power-packed, tasty and nutritious option suitable for all demographics. Our granola bars come in different flavours; chocolate and crunchy, ideal as regular snacks and energy boosters for people on the go, hiking, camping, in a safari, travelling or engaging in any physical activity.


Granola Cereals


KES. 1,000.00

Granola Bars

6 Pcs

KES. 600.00

Dark Chocolate Granola Bars

6 Pcs

KES. 600.00

White Chocolate Granola Bars

6 Pcs

KES. 600.00

Granola Bar

1 Pc

KES. 200.00

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