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We are a Kenyan specialty coffee company that is passionate about great coffee. We are coffee producers and work with small-estate farmers to produce high-quality coffee beans for value addition. Our coffee shop is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of our delicious coffee. We also offer a range of other beverages, as well as light snacks. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience, which is why we only use the finest ingredients and roast our coffee beans to perfection. If you're looking for a great cup of coffee, then look no further than Out of Kenya Specialty Coffee. Come and visit us today!

Out of Kenya Specialty Coffee was founded in 2019 and is woman led business with two partners. The owners are children of coffee farmers and grew up in coffee, which helped them understand how to grow high quality coffee. When direct trade was introduced in the coffee sector, their family farms started engaging in direct trade and selling all their coffee through direct trade. Through direct trade the owners began to understand the supply chain that is used to move coffee from origin to retail spaces in the international market.

Out of Kenya Specialty Coffee had a dream on how to use that knowledge on supply chain to introduce specialty coffee to the Kenyan local market as well as create a market for their family coffee farms. Having a knack for knowing the perfect coffee bean to pick the partners knew that they had high quality specialty coffee that they could introduce to the local market. Out of Kenya Specialty Coffee knew that they had to do this by educating consumers on the supply chain, with a specific focus on origins and flavor profiles. We have been able to do this with information cards which tell customers about our producers and our roast profiles. Naturally, as Kenyan consumers learn more about specialty coffee, consumption has started to increase – opening up a potentially thriving market.

At Out of Kenya Specialty Coffee we grow our own coffee and also source our coffee from partner coffee farms that grow coffee using ecological farming practices. This ecological farming practices ensures that the coffee we deal with is produced the right way right from the farm level. We believe that every customer deserves exceptional and healthier coffee.

Out of Kenya Specialty Coffee’s intention is to build meaningful connections between coffee consumers, potential coffee consumers, coffee producers and the final coffee products to create better value for everybody involved. Our main focus to our customers is the delivery of an excellent coffee experience that they will enjoy.


coffee beans and ground coffee medium roast

KES. 900.00

Out of Kenya Specialty Coffee Chocolate Bars

KES. 700.00

Coffee Infused Oil

KES. 350.00

Coffee Cherry Jam


KES. 500.00

Coffee Scented Candles

KES. 900.00

Christmas coffee cookies


KES. 500.00

Christmas coffee cookies


KES. 950.00

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