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MSEA Supports Ongata Rongai Muslim Association’s Baking Enterprise

In a remarkable display of dedication to empowering marginalized communities and fostering entrepreneurship, the Micro and Small Enterprises Authority (MSEA) recently made a significant move to support the Ongata Rongai Muslim Association in Olekasasi, Kajiado County, a remarkable group comprising over 180 members, including Muslim women and rehabilitated youth, actively engaged in various economic activities, with baking standing out as their prominent trade.

Recognizing the dedication and passion exhibited by the Ongata Rongai Muslim Association in their baking craft, the Authority in collaboration with Kajiado County Senator Hon. Kenar Seki, will be furnishing the group with industrial-grade baking equipment to unlock the full potential of this talented group. Speaking during a meeting with the county leaders and association members, MSEA CEO Mr. Rithaa made a commitment on behalf of MSEA to provide the essential equipment which include a bakery oven and dough mixer.

This generous provision of cutting-edge tools is expected to revolutionize the operations of the Association, empowering them to expand their production capacity and reach more customers. However, the support from MSEA goes beyond equipment alone. Recognizing the importance of official recognition and access to government programs and initiatives, the MSEA Kajiado Regional office will facilitate the registration of various groups within the Ongata Rongai Muslim Association. This process will solidify their entrepreneurial efforts and provide them with greater access to a wide range of opportunities.

Mr. Rithaa stressed the significance of supporting micro and small entrepreneurs and nurturing entrepreneurship as essential pillars for sustainable growth and prosperity within communities. By investing in the Ongata Rongai Muslim Association, MSEA aims to catalyze economic development and create a thriving ecosystem not only within the association but also throughout Kajiado County.

On his part, Hon. Kenar Seki said that the partnership with MSEA and the county leadership reflects the collaborative effort of various stakeholders in promoting inclusive growth and empowering marginalized communities through entrepreneurship.

This transformative initiative serves as a powerful testament to the impact of empowering communities. With an unwavering dedication to fostering entrepreneurship and driving economic growth among Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs), the Authority sets a commendable example for building inclusive and prosperous communities.

Senator Kajiado County Hon. Kenar Seki, MSEA CEO Mr. Henry Rithaa, Member of County Assembly Ongata Rongai Hon. Titus Matheka, MSEA Kajiado regional head Mr. Julius Nkoibon and members of the Ongata Rongai Muslim Association during the meeting.

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