The Background

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The Micro and Small Enterprise Authority (MSEA) is a state corporation established under the Micro and Small Enterprise Act No. 55 of 2012.

The Act was developed through a stakeholder’s consultation process which took several years. The Authority is now domiciled in the Ministry of ,Co-operatives and MSME Development

The Act gives the Authority the mandate to formulate and Coordinate policies that will facilitate the integration and harmonization of various public and private sector initiatives, for the promotion, development and regulation of the Micro and Small Enterprises to become key Industries of Tomorrow.

The Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) occupy a very strategic position in the development of this country. They cut across all sectors of the Kenyan economy and have been identified as major contributors to employment creation and income generation. Micro and Small Enterprises are therefore a major vehicle for poverty reduction and wealth creation.

Successive governments have, therefore, over the years supported growth and development of the sector by implementing targeted interventions and programmes aimed at making it more vibrant. However, the full potential of the sector has not been realized as there has been several organizations attending to the MSE sector both in the public and private sector causing overlaps, duplication and confusion. The MSE Act now gives the Authority legal power to address this problem.

MSEs Historical Policy Interventions

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