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MSE Innovates Eco Friendly Charcoal briquettes

The Kariobangi Center of Excellence is the host to the New Dawn Self Help Group, a youth led group, formed in 2014, that specializes in production of ecofriendly renewable energy i.e charcoal briquettes and charcoal lighters from rice husks and water hyacinth. This is an ecofriendly way of producing universal energy. The MSE has the capacity to supply higher quantities with the availability of a machine capable of large-scale production of the briquettes. The new products request marketing and branding to enhance their market access within the urban and peri-urban households which account for a large section of Kenya’s demand for cooking and heating fuel. Most urban consumers desire a smokeless fuel and charcoal briquettes can meet this need. It also lasts longer and burns slowly. Before the Covid -19 pandemic hit the country, the business had 11 employees.