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The Authority is under
the State Department for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), Ministry
of Cooperatives and MSME Development.

Arising from the constitutional mandate of the National Government to spearhead policy formulation, ensuring standardization and uniformity, the Ministry of Cooperatives, Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Development and its agencies shall be responsible for :-

  • Formulation, adoption and implementation of policy and legal framework for the development and growth of all co-operatives in keeping with the overall national development policies and priorities
  • Registration and liquidation of co-operative enterprises
  • Establishment of uniform standards of the operations of co-operative enterprises, recognition of county co-operative enterprises, cross-county co-operatives enterprises
  • Develop and maintain inter-governmental relations framework on co-operative enterprises
  • Carry out inquiries, inspections and investigations into the affairs of co-operatives
  • Provide oversight to apex, federations, secondary, and cross-county co-operative enterprises
  • Regulate co-operative audit services including social and value for money audits
  • Promote good governance and ethics on co-operative enterprises
  • Formulate co-operative education, training, standards and regulations
  • Carry out capacity building to the county Governments
  • Promote public private partnership and joint ventures
  • Promote and facilitate regional and international co-operative relations
  • Establish and maintain a data and information center for co-operatives
  • Promote research and development in Co-operatives
  • Review and enforce registration requirements from time to time
  • Promote harmonization and /or linkages between the movement, the National Government and County Governments through periodic forums
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