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MbeleNaBiz National Business Plan Competition launched

Initiated by the Government of Kenya and supported by the World Bank, competition offers a rare opportunity to young entrepreneurs seeking capital for their businesses.

Scores of youth in the country graduate from universities and tertiary colleges every year, while others do not proceed with their education after sitting for standard eight and form four national examinations.

Consequently, they look for jobs in order to earn a living. With the number of employment opportunities in the formal sector being limited, most of these youth opt for entrepreneurship. Indeed, a big number of micro, small and medium enterprises ( MSMEs) in the country in fields like information and communications technology ( ICT), videography and photography, entertainment, graphics design , retail outlets of electronics and clothes as well as stationery and office equipment among others that are dotted throughout the country are owned and managed by young entrepreneurs. Given its favourable returns, agribusiness is also attracting the youth.