Business Profile

County: Embu

Sub county: Embu Town

Mobile: 0748244466/0735858233

Email: haad.creatives@gmail.com

Facebook: Haad Creatives Instagram: Haad Creatives Tik Tok: @haad.creatives


HAAD Creatives is a design firm that was established in August 2023 in Embu Town. The firm specializes in creating premier-quality fashion and leather products, soft furnishings, and interior accessories utilizing new and second- hand biodegradable fabrics, genuine leather (pull-up [PU] and goat), and used beads all sourced locally.

The firm was established to inspire sustainable design in the design industry by the production of customized, eco, authentic, handcrafted, unique, classic products, as well as help create employment. HAAD Creatives also promotes inclusion by creating clothes and accessories for special-needs persons (SNPs). We aim to grow into a renowned design firm and design college both anchored on Design for Sustainability (DfS).





Gent’s trouser suit with detachable kitenge detail




Kaunda suit

ksh 7,520






ksh 6,380

Denim jacket with Masaai shuka interlining


Upcycled suit jacket

ksh 7,170




Ksh 4,230

Senator suit Asian- inspired with embroidery

ksh 5,030

Kitenge and linen shirts

Ksh 2,070 and 3,130


Upcycled dress





Jacket restyled from anorak

Ksh 3,300





Ksh 3,350

Lactating/nursing skirt suit. Invisible zips at side front



Upcycled shirt dress front

ksh 3,940





ksh 2,620

Reversible cloak- Masaai shuka and fleece

ksh 4,630

Hoodie/ Masaai shuka and fleece

ksh 2,230

Cloak for wheelchair user. Bare back

ksh 1,170


-able cargo pant Dungaree

Ksh 2,750 Ksh 1,840

Corporate wear. Suiting fabric

Ksh 2,350

Waridi crossbody bag. PU leather

Ksh 3,410

Lengo briefcase. GT leather

Ksh 5,480

Mama Taifa handbag. PU and hair-on leather

Ksh 3,020

Ngao clutch bag. PU leather

Ksh 1,860

Ngao clutch bag. GT leather. Beadwork detail

Ksh 1,220

Ngao clutch bag. GT leather.

Ksh 1,120

Savanah handbag. PU leather. Gladiator print

Ksh 3,560

Wema backpack- cum-shoulder bag. PU leather

Ksh 3,600

Upcycled denim barrel and shoulder/hand bag

Ksh 1,880 and Ksh 2,490


Tissue holder

Ksh 1,000

Redecoration of clocks using scrap leather

Ksh 1,000

Floor mats. Handcrafted

Ksh  4,500 and  2,950 


Artwork of scrap leather and scrap fabrics

Ksh 3,420 and Ksh 4,650


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