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Functions of the Authority

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Core Functions
The Authority will achieve its mandate by performing the following functions:

  1. Formulate and review policies and programs for Micro and Small Enterprises;
  2. Monitor and evaluate the implementation of existing policies and programmes related to, or affecting the micro and small enterprises and advise the Government on appropriate policies and course of action to be taken;
  3. Coordinate, harmonise and facilitate the integration of various public and private sector activities, programmes and development plans relating to Micro and Small Enterprises;
  4. Promote and facilitate research, product development and patenting in the Micro and Small Enterprises sector;
  5. Promote the mainstreaming of youth, gender and persons with disabilities in all micro and small enterprises activities and programs;
  6. Mobilise resources for development of the micro and small enterprises sector;
  7. Promote access to markets by micro and small enterprises;
  8. Promote innovation and development of products by micro and small enterprises;
  9. Formulate capacity building programmes for micro and small enterprises;
  10. Facilitate technology development, acquisition and transfer by micro and small enterprises;
  11. Develop mechanisms, tools and programs for collection of comprehensive data disaggregated by sex, region and age among others, in collaboration with key stakeholders, to enable proper planning for the micro and small enterprises sector.
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