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Naomi Waithera, a resilient pig farmer from Mataara in Gatundu North, Kiambu County, has forged an impressive career spanning over a decade in the industry. Her journey began over ten years ago, inspired by the thriving pig farming community in her area and driven by her determination to provide a sustainable livelihood for her family as a single mother of three.

With an initial capital investment of 160,000 Kenyan Shillings, Naomi embarked on her first pig farming venture. However, her lack of experience led to significant challenges, resulting in the loss of all four pigs she had initially purchased. However, undeterred by failure, she recommitted herself to the venture in December 2013, seeking guidance from a mentor who equipped her with the necessary skills and knowledge.

Some of the pigs at her farm

Today, Naomi operates a thriving farm with over 500 pigs, a testament to her resilience and dedication. Strategic partnerships, particularly with Farmers Choice, a prominent player in the pork industry, have been instrumental in her success. Naomi supplies both porkers and baconers to Farmers Choice, with whom she secured a contract in 2019. Baconers are raised specifically for bacon production and porkers for pork. These pigs, weighing up to 60 kilograms and aged between four to six months, fetch 19,000 Ksh per pig. Under the terms of the 2019 contract, Naomi consistently provides 20 baconers monthly to Farmers Choice.

Piglets and a variety of the breeds Naomi has.

In addition to her commercial clients Naomi also works closely with brokers who facilitate pig sales and engages with the local community, providing mentorship and training to aspiring farmers and youths. Naomi’s commitment to sharing her expertise extends to the production of her own pig feed, which she not only utilizes on her farm but also sells to neighboring farmers. One innovative aspect of Naomi’s farming practices involves the cultivation of black soldier flies, a rich source of protein for her pigs. These flies boast an impressive protein and fat content, making them an ideal supplement for pig nutrition.

Through continuous learning and adaptation, Naomi has overcome numerous challenges inherent in pig farming, including high mortality rates among piglets and the constant threat of diseases such as African swine fever, for which there is currently no cure.

Naomi Waithera showcasing the black soldier flies

Naomi’s excellence in pig farming has earned her recognition. Her business is registered with the Micro and Small Enterprises Authority (MSEA), affording her access to various opportunities, including market exposure through events like the Open Mega Business Expo held at Thika Stadium.

For inquiries or to place an order, Naomi can be reached directly at 0729373244. Whether seeking quality pig stock or aspiring to learn from a seasoned entrepreneur, Naomi Waithera stands as a beacon of excellence in the pig farming industry.

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