Field Services

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The Head of Field services is responsible for coordinating the activities of the field.
MSEA has field officers in 22 offices across the Country. This means some officers manage more than 1 county.
Their roles/responsibilities in the field include the following;

  • Training of Entrepreneurs on basic business knowledge
  • Coordinating and Organizing Exhibitions for MSEs
  • Sensitizing, Mobilization of MSE operators and facilitation of Registration of Associations
  • Provision of Business Development Services
  • Management/Operationalization of CIDCs/Work sites in partnership with MSE operators
  • Coordinating the provision of support services to the counties
  • Developing strategies for promotion of an enterprise culture
  • Working in partnership with Stakeholders to promote MSE development
  • Mainstream youth in entrepreneurship through Kenya Youth Employment and Opportunities Project (Support for Job Creation)
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