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Entrepreneur creates Quality Made in Kenya Soccer Balls

Soccer is one of the most important sport in Kenya that drives and attracts most of the spectators. Sports is an important element in the Kenyan culture among the youth who indulge in the game as part of building their careers while to other is a game of entertainment. Mr. Paul Mburu is the passionate entrepreneur behind the brand Dallas sports limited, a fast-growing company with a vision of producing locally made soccer balls to be played in the Country. He supplies his hand-crafted soccer balls to bookshops and supermarkets all over the country on order. Dallas Sports Limited was started in 2015 but has since then grown to employ a total of 6 staff members working in a workshop at the Kariobangi Center. With the aim of producing high quality balls, he gets his materials of production from latex leather Kenya. His products are branded with the ‘Dallas Sports Limited’ and are KEBS certified.