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Diverse MSEs Businesses at Kamukunji JuaKali Association

Kamukunji Juakali worksite is in Nairobi County and it is occupied by Kamukunji JuaKali Association, an MSE association with over 7000 members engaged in various metal work sub-sectors.

The first consists of business support services, which include scrap metal dealers, metal cutters and folders, gas and electrical welders, welding rod suppliers, polish and paint traders. The second sub-sector constitutes the metal engineering producers who make folding and pressing machines and other metal handling accessories.

Metal products manufacturers are also represented and they make diverse products. Wheelbarrows, sewing machine stands, chaff cutters, boxes and aluminum cooking pans are some of the most produced items. Other products include energy saving stoves, chips cutters and warmers as well as agricultural, transport and construction equipment.

Among the MSEs at the site is Mr. Frank Mithika, of Nyambene Enterprises who has over 19 years of experience in metal steel works that support the hospitality sector. His products include kitchen ware, deep fryers, burners, ovens, chips cutter and display fryers. He has two employees and contracts more when he need arises.

Another MSE on site is JohnBosco Oumo deals in metal works, and he is the owner of Sumba Star Enterprises based at the Kamukunji worksite. His products include wheelbarrows, oven Jikos; small to big sufurias metal storage boxes used for export of goods and store businesses.

The business currently has two employees. He has been in this business for 27 and has mentored many youths with his skills and expertise.

Paul Owuor of Migingo Fabricators is in fabrication business, an enterprise that produces wheelbarrows in large scale. The prices depend on the quality of material used and range from Kshs 4500 to 6500.They have also diversified their products to school metal boxes and oven jikos.

In machinery fabrication is John Oduor from Siaya Engineering Works a business also based at the worksite. He has been in this business for 30 years and His products include Livestock choppers, tricks machines, block master for developing building blocks, peanut processing machines, maize shelters, posho mills, masts for developing boosters used for advertising and internet connection.

The cost of the machines ranges from Ksh 55,000- 85,000 thousand and currently he employs 4 people but he engages more when he has big contracts.

High Quality products are produced and manufactured at the Kamukunji worksite, however there is an opportunity to offer digital training to the MSEs especially on how to market their products.

There is a great need for a change in perception of the Jua Kali sector from one that produces inferior quality products to one that can be seen as a key instrument to achieving Kenya’s Vision 2030.