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Constituency Industrial Development Centers Operation

February 26, 2021 admin 0 Comment

The Constituency Industrial Development Centers were started in the year 2008-2009 as an economic stimulus project. The main objective under this project was to expand economic opportunities by constructing and equipping CIDC’s in 210 constituencies. Out of 210 constituencies 188 were identified for the construction of CIDC’s.

Out of the 188 CIDC’s, 158 are being managed by Micro and Small Enterprise Authority. They are in different counties and they are at various levels of completion. The CIDC’s are being run by Associations and the areas where the associations are not yet existent, MSEA officers mobilize the people to form associations in order to utilize the CIDC’s equipment.

The usage of the CIDC’s depends on the dominant economic activity of the area. The associations have autonomy to decide the membership criteria and requirements.

MSEA provides oversight and support to the associations through provision of machines e.g. Lathe, hydraulic and work benches. The type of machines to be provided is determined by need and request by the members of the association.

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