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Operationalization of Ikolomani CIDC, Kakamega County.

Constituency Industrial Development Centers (CIDCs) were developed as part of the industrialization program to produce for export and in the process increase the Country’s employment potential. The 158 CIDCs at the constituency level provide common user manufacturing facilities to promote cottage level industries.

Further to the development, in order to improve the quality of MSE products and make them more competitive, the Authority is implementing a product development programme (dubbed One Constituency(CIDC) One Product), with the first phase of the programme targeting specific products produced within the newly refurbished CIDCs.

The Authority in collaboration with relevant agencies is identifying locally available resources/materials in each constituency which can be value added for greater economic benefit. The value added products will then be marketed in both domestic and foreign markets.

Ikolomani CIDC is one of the newly refurbished CIDCs that is ready for occupation. The following MSE Associations have been mobilized to operationalize the site;

  • Ikolomani welders and mechanics – has MSEs dealing in welding and mechanical works
  • Malinya Tailors and Hairdressers Association – composed of tailors, hairdressers and barbers
  • Bidii Technical Association – comprises of MSEs dealing in electrical works
  • Malinya Carpenters Association – has MSEs specialists in carpentry and joinery
  • Malinya General Traders – has MSE traders in food and beverage services and those providing Mpesa services

Speaking during the official opening of the site, Mr. Kimani Kiiru who was representing the Trade and Enterprise development Principal Secretary Ambassador Johnson Weru said, “I urge MSEs in the western region to fully utilize this site and locally available resources for value addition to produce high quality products able to compete favorably on the global market. These resources have great potential to complement economic recovery efforts from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

These MSEs will be provided with the necessary equipment and training on the most recent technologies to produce high quality products. The Area Member of Parliament Bernard Shinali additionally asked the MSEs to take ownership of the Industrial Centre.

Speaking at the same event, MSEA Director Infrastructure Development, Technology and Innovation, Eng. Edward Karani also urged the MSEs to invest in value addition to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

During the event, Mr. Kiiru also presented Ikolomani welders and mechanics association and Bidii technical association with certificates of registration having been registered by the Registrar of MSEs. Micro and Small Enterprises Authority has over 400 CIDCs and worksites in Kenya. These industrial centers optimize the manufacturing process through increased production efficiency, increased flexibility for MSEs and job creation.