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During the EAC MSMEs trade fair, every partner state is allocated a day where they showcase best of

The EAC MSMEs Trade Fair, formerly known as the Juakali Nguvu Kazi exhibition is held annually on a

The 21st edition of the annual EAC Jua Kali/Nguvu Kazi Exhibition, running under the theme “Promoting Quality and Innovation to enhance EAC

After a day filled with pomp a color during the Kenyan day celebrations, the Kenyan delegation and the

The Thika Juakali Welfare Association is a group based in Thika Town, Kiambu County. The Association is made

Gatundu North Constituency Industrial Development Centre (CIDC) sits on ¼ acre piece of land and is the home

MSEA has partnered with UNDP to develop the MSE registration management system, which will help in establishing a

Kenyan MSMEs to position locally made products during the upcoming EAC MSMEs Trade Fair in Mwanza, Tanzania.

Kenya will be represented by 300 MSEs from diverse sectors in the upcoming 21st EAC MSME Trade fair

The Maasai are noble and dignified people who have proudly maintained their traditional lifestyle and cultural identity despite